Will a Wedding Planner take away the fun of planning the wedding myself?

Mandy Scott Events do not make choices for you or take away the fun of creating your perfect wedding. We are here but to help you achieve exactly what you want without the stress of managing its implementation. At your complimentary consultation, please bring all of your ideas, pictures and any to-do lists with you and we can begin the process of discovery together. We have found that once we begin, we combine forces to become your action team, and together, we plan and manage your magical moments to ensure they are everything you want.

How much does a wedding planner cost?
Your needs, ideas, and budgets are as individual as you are and we do not believe in limiting your aspirations. We have a minimum fee based upon the typical services required of us but as your wedding or event is yours to be what you desire it is not possible to have "one size fits all" pricing as this could be too restrictive for you. We are always happy to create custom pricing based on a plan that works within your budget where possible. We will complete all the work that we have agreed to do once your budget has been set regardless of how long it takes us to complete. This becomes an all-inclusive plan ensuring you do not get any unwanted surprises. To find out more, please get in contact, we will be delighted to provide you with more detail to help you with your decision making.

My venue already has an onsite coordinator, why do I need Mandy Scott Events?
Although the onsite coordinator at your chosen venue or hotel will aim to help you, their first responsibility is to their employer, where our first responsibility is to you. Coordinators that work for venues and hotels answer your questions about the policies of the venue, assist with menu choices, and process your paperwork. They are there to maximize and help you with your budget at the venue and are often not equipped nor paid to assist beyond this. Mandy Scott Events works for you and will be there every step of the way to help. In addition, your Mandy Scott Events coordinator is trained to help you with your entire wedding weekend / week as opposed to just the time that relates to the venue you have chosen. 

Often a Venue coordinator will refer you, or suggest, that you retain a qualified wedding planner to ensure that everything goes smoothly for you. It’s your hired wedding coordinators job to set up your many personalized items such as transport, decor, your favors, seating assignment names, sign in book, gift box, champagne flutes, and other personalized items that you would like set up on your special day. 

Will you bring an assistant to the event?
Yes! We always bring an assistant and often two or more to help us coordinate everything on the day of an event. Day-of coordination is best played as a team sport! One assistant’s time for day-of assistance is an included cost in most packages. If a second, third or more assistants are required due to the size or complexity of your event needs, you will be notified at least one month before the event, and billed accordingly. You will never be charged for anything you don’t agree to ahead of time.

What makes Mandy Scott Events exceptional when compared to other wedding planners?
As a boutique wedding planning firm, we believe that each wedding is unique and only seek to provide you with the services you desire. We take the time to discover what makes your wedding distinctive and how we can assist you. We are transparent with our pricing and we do not up-sell our clients or mask fees. We will be happy to help you realize your vision while keeping within your financial resources.

How many events do you do create each year?
Our focus is on quality over quantity. We spend hundreds of hours and go to great lengths to create original, custom events with no detail overlooked.  To achieve this standard of excellence we limit the number of events we deliver each year. This also allows us to give you our fullest attention and care in the weeks leading up to and on the weekend of your wedding or event.  As each year brings different challenges, we measure our availability by what is on the calendar. Our primary goal is that we are able to provide full attention and exceptional experience to our clients.

We would be happy to put you in touch with one or more of our recently wed couples after our initial consultation, just let us know, we are here to help.