Q&A with Borrowed and Blue

on 09 September 2016
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Q&A with Borrowed and Blue

If you could possibly narrow it down, what would be your favorite moment of a wedding day?
The moment when I cue the wedding party to head down the aisle. I love it because it’s a moment fraught with every emotion possible – anticipation and excitement hang in the air from both the guests and the couple. There is the feeling that anything is possible yet at the same time, that we are all going to witness a moment that is steeped in tradition, history, and of course love. 

Describe your event aesthetic in three words.
Timeless, classic, elegant

The first thing you ask when you sit down with a couple?
I always ask them to tell me about how the proposal went. It conveys so much information about what they are like – romantic or practical -- who they are as a couple – fun and silly, or serious and traditional. With just this one question I am able to guide them better to create a wedding that speaks to who they are.


Describe your dream wedding.
Well, of course the dream wedding I try to always create is one that envelops my couple in the perfect feeling they hoped and dreamed about. Yet, as a planner, a dream wedding is one that brings all elements into focus at the right moment. That would be a stunning venue (if indoors, it has some architectural beauty or significance; if outside, it would have an amazing view and lots of trees for shade!), exquisite food and beverage service, fabulous décor, an amazing band that can get everyone on their feet, and finally, some element that is both personal and unique to the couple.

Most important detail of wedding decor?
Lighting. Lighting makes everyone and everything look great! 


Your thoughts on DIY weddings?
My worst nightmare/horror story in the making

What would your ideal tablescape look like?
This always depends on the venue and what it looks like. In the wine country, or an al fresco venue, I think the sight of long, family-style Kings’ tables is stunning. These communal tables with a ton of action going on down the middle of the table – flowers, candles, abundant platters food, many wine glasses for a wonderful pairing menu – just say everything that a wedding should be. For indoor weddings in ballrooms, I love an elegant tailored look with lots of flowers and no greenery … it’s all about creating a lush look.

Your favorite of all the San Francisco wedding venues?
San Francisco Wedding Venues

The city is rich with amazing venues. But if I had to pick, I’d say the Fairmont Hotel, Palace Hotel, Cavallo Point, Julia Morgan Ballroom, Bentley Reserve, Asian Art Museum, and the Legion of Honor. Looking at this list, I realize the unifying element is drama! All of them offer a very unique, dramatic architecture perfect for framing the wedding and reception.

What about Napa wedding venues?
My favorites are Kunde, Cornerstone, Farmstead, The Vintage Estate, and Chalk Hill Estates. Each offers something different, but all embody the essence of Northern California wedding design.

What’s your best piece of advice for couples who just got engaged?
To enjoy every second of this precious time.  

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Thanks again to Borrowed & Blue for the Q&A!


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